A Look At Our Impact On The World: Are We Helping Or Hurting?


Here at Nature Made Cures, there is a massive emphasis on nature. While many people look at society as separate from the natural world, the reality is that it is all one.

Scientists have classified life into 6 kingdoms.  The first signs of life were single-celled organisms called archaebacteria and eubacteria. Then came protists, followed by fungi, plants, then animals. It took billions of years of evolution to create humans.

Life evolved in harmony.

Because we are part of nature, it is our job to protect it. And by protecting it, we can help it to remain in harmony.

When nature is in harmony, it is healthy and thriving. And in turn, we are healthy and thriving.

For too long we have turned a blind eye to the atrocities that humans have committed to the natural world that we belong, and it has hurt us in numerous ways.

We have polluted our waters.

pollution on beach

As individuals, we have thrown our trash recklessly out into different areas. Then the rains came and carried the garbage into the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans.

Companies have dumped their chemicals into our waterways.

Oil spills stretch up and down coastlines and leave marine habitats struggling to survive.

And sites like Fukushima continue to leak radioactive waste into the oceans.

These things throw off the balance of life in the waters.

Animals eat the plastic and trash because they think it is food. Then their stomachs can’t process the plastic, and they die of starvation when their stomachs have no room for actual food to sustain them.

Currents bring oil spills, chemicals, and radioactive material all around the globe. These pollutants are ingested by plants and animals in the water, and the balance of life is disturbed. Algae die and bloom in large numbers, and the oxygen content of the waters is off balance.radioactive waste

The life that inhabits these waters is suffering.  And when we swim, drink water, or eat these plants and animals, we experience negative impacts too.

We polluted our air.

The burning of fossil fuels and chemicals has polluted the air we breathe.

And not just the air we breathe, but the air that all life uses to sustain itself.

And we can feel the effects.

We even poison the air in our homes. Plastic byproducts like paraffin wax creates toxic candles that cause indoor air pollution and gets us sick.

Respiratory illness is on the rise. Greenhouse gases could potentially lead this planet into a full-blown catastrophe with global warming. And we have destroyed our ozone layer which is letting in harmful UV rays which is creating cancer at alarming rates.

We are destroying our forests.

deforestation is killing our animals habitatsDeforestation is rampant.

Not only does deforestation destroy the habitats of many different animals, but it also further impacts our air quality.

Trees take in carbon dioxide and through photosynthesis produce oxygen. As we continually clear-cut forests our negative impact only increases.

Also, many of these old growth forests and rainforests are home to many ancient cures to various illnesses.

We Have Caused Immense Suffering Toward Animals

With the rise of meat consumption the demand for meat has increased drastically. This has led to the development of factory farms.

Factory farming has mistreated animals at the cost of cheaper and faster meat. By injecting the animals with hormones they are able to have them grow faster and bigger. By feeding them cheaper and more abundant feed they are able to save money.

Often times they are abused and have little space to roam. These animals suffer daily and are utilized until they are of no use anymore and then discarded. It is sad and inhumane. That is why many people are switching to a vegan diet.

Also, these factory farms are large polluters that destroy the environment.


It is time to put an end to all that.

Every one of us has played our part in destroying our natural world. And by destroying the natural world, we have subconsciously destroyed ourselves.

heart shaped rock

It is time to stop.

We are better than this.

And we need to re-engage with the natural world with love and do our best to harmonize with it to restore the balance.

It is up to each and every one of us. And for our own individual health as much as the health of the planet and for future generations.

I challenge each and every one of you to start to do a little bit more every day for the Earth. I will be running a series of articles related to environmental issues to promote awareness and encourage people to take action.

After all, I want to keep the emphasis on nature in Nature Made Cures.

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