Spice Things Up With Ground Ginger Powder


Why Ground Ginger Powder?

Do you have ground ginger powder in your spice rack? If the answer is no, you should read the following article for reasons to consider adding it.

Often times this bitter spice is called different things. Whether you see it listed as ginger powder, ground ginger, or dried ginger, they are usually all referring to the same thing.

If you don’t already know, ginger is one of the most healthy spices with a variety of uses and benefits. Check out this page for a full summary of the benefits of ginger. And if you are only using fresh ginger root, then you are missing out on some extra uses.

First off, stop throwing away those little leftover pieces of fresh ginger. It is so easy to make ginger powder from them. Check out this page for a fantastic step by step article on how to make ground ginger. Not only will you know that it is high quality, but it also tastes better too.

add ground ginger powder to your spice rack

If you would rather just purchase it, head to the spice aisle of you local supermarket or health food store. I recommend a high quality organic ginger powder in order to reduce or eliminate the presence of pesticides and chemicals. If I am buying from a supermarkets, if they have organic ones in stock they tend to be very expensive. That is why I prefer to shop on Amazon. It has some great deals on larger sizes like this fantastic one here.

Reasons to Use It

1. It is quick and easy. Unlike fresh ginger, which takes time to prepare, ginger powder is simple. Just sprinkle it on or add it to recipes. From savory dishes to desserts, its uses are varied. So get a little creative and add some new flavors to spice up your otherwise normal dishes. Or if you aren’t feeling creative, just look up some great recipes that call for it.

2. There are 2 main active components in ginger, gingerols and shogaols. While ginger root has a higher amount of gingerols, ginger powder has a higher quantity of shogaols. So, if you are only eating fresh ginger, you are losing out on some great advantages by only getting half the benefits. Try using both together in recipes for added benefits.

3. It has a longer shelf life. One of the downfalls of the fresh stuff it that is goes bad a lot faster. Often times when it is not used relatively quick it will dry out or get very stringy. Fortunately, because dried ginger is already dried out and bottled, it often lasts longer. This will enable you to always have some on hand when in need. Also, if you want to extend its shelf live even further, you can throw it in the freezer!


Ground ginger powder is an excellent addition to your spice rack. Aside from the numerous health benefits, it is an extremely flavorful and easy to use spice. Not only it is easy to use, but it also has a long shelf live and is easy to store. Whether used by itself, or in conjunction with fresh ginger, once you start using it you will wonder why you never did before.


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