Powerful Yoga Breathing Techniques: Pranayama For Beginners

man and woman doing pranayama techniques

Pranayama describes yoga breathing exercises that are used to increase oxygen, energy, and blood flow. These powerful pranayama breathing techniques also help clear physical and energetic blockages, and more. To read more about the health benefits of pranayama, check out our other article. This article will serve as an introduction to pranayama for beginners. And … Read more

Beware Of These 7 Harmful Ingredients To Avoid In Your Hair Products

shampooing hair

Unfortunately, most people don’t even think twice about the ingredients in their shampoo and conditioner. We think that if it leaves our hair looking shiny and smelling nice, then it must be good for us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, many hair products including shampoo and conditioner contain a large amount … Read more

17 Ways To Boost Collagen Production and Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

girl with beautiful skin

Collagen. It is one of those things that you don’t pay attention to until the signs of aging are apparent. Collagen is a structural protein that is the main component of connective tissue. And being that collagen is about 25%-35% of the entire body’s protein content, that makes it the most abundant protein in mammals. … Read more

Healing The World Through Spirit: Modern Shamanism

shaman looking at mountains

Modern shamanism is on the rise. With a focus on using medicinal plants such as different psychedelics including DMT and psilocybin to turn our focus inwards, shamans help in healing. They not only help individuals with things like mental illness and addiction, but are doing work to heal society as well. A Historical Prophesy There … Read more

9 Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter And Avoid Seasonal Depression

man walking on bridge in snow

Holidays. Snow. Freezing temperatures. Less sunlight. High levels of stress. Colds and flu season. With all the odds stacked up against you, it feels impossible to stay healthy in winter. Once December hits, most of us just want to cuddle up on the couch with some cookies and hot chocolate and sleep until Spring. But … Read more