9 Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter And Avoid Seasonal Depression

man walking on bridge in snow

Holidays. Snow. Freezing temperatures. Less sunlight. High levels of stress. Colds and flu season. With all the odds stacked up against you, it feels impossible to stay healthy in winter. Once December hits, most of us just want to cuddle up on the couch with some cookies and hot chocolate and sleep until Spring. But … Read more

Top 5 Unhealthy Vegan Mistakes

eating french fries

I hate to disappoint you, but going vegan isn’t some magical cure-all to get healthy. On the contrary, most people who are uninformed about nutrition end up making a lot of mistakes by making the switch. These mistakes could even make you less healthy than before you gave up meat and animal products. In this … Read more

24 Beginner Weightlifting Tips

workout equipment

Getting into a gym to workout can be intimidating for someone who is looking to start weightlifting. The reality is that getting into any new environment that you are unfamiliar with can be scary. Self-doubt creeps in, and the questions arise. I’m sure at some point you have even entertained the following thoughts. What am … Read more